Boulevard Fourth Grade – 1947 (click photo to enlarge)

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Front Row: Stan Rubenstein, Mary Burrell, Helaine Weider, Barbara Lieberman, Sue Rein,
                     Jean Rehmar, Barbara Grown, Donna May Comella
2nd Row: Larry Phillips, Conrad Newmyer, Beverly George, Unknown, Connie Lurie, Ellen Rein,
                  Sonia Russakoff, Sharon Perelman, Brian Lesser, Morton Gitson
3rd Row: Fred Samuels, Unknown, Nancy Trowell, Barbara Konner, Jackie Riggle, Sally Layer,
                Millicent Ressler, Elaine Lockshin, Mike Gutterman
4th Row: Bob Kahan, Ron Moskowitz, Roger Cramer, Clayton Price, Ned Tookman, Larry Suid,
                 Larry Gross, Stan Whay, Sheldon Golub

Photo from Ron Moskowitz